From one of the world's foremost Egyptologists and mummy experts, Bob Brier, comes his new book that details our three thousand year obsession with all things Egyptian.


"EGYPTOMANIA" is available everywhere.


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The Secret of the Great Pyramid

The Secret of the Great Pyramid  by Bob Brier and Jean-Pierre Houdin book cover.jpg

"The Secret of the Great Pyramid" is a thrilling intellectual adventure story about the most exciting discovery in Egyptology in decades. Bob Brier, along with French architect Jean-Pierre Houdin, tells the remarkable true story of Houdin's obsession with Egypt's Great Pyramid...

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Murder of Tutankhamen

The Murder of Tutankhamen by Bob Brier book cover.jpg

"The Murder of Tutankhamen" conjurs all the fascination that people have with Egypt. Ironically very little is know about the boy king. He was born in one of the most traumatic times in Egypt's 3,000  year history. The nation's religion was change to monotheism, as was the nation's capital...

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Ancient Egyptian Magic

Ancient Egyptian Magic by Bob Brier book cover.jpg

"Ancient Egyptian Magic" is the first authoritative modern work on the occult practices that pervaded all aspects of life in ancient Egypt. Based on the fascinating archaeological discoveries of Bob Brier, it includes everything from how to write your name in hieroglyphs to the proper way to bury a king...


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